Seasons Grill Old Town has been committed to providing local, gourmet fare of the highest and freshest quality for 25 years. Even as each new day presents itself with uncertainty and unexpected challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic, Seasons’ core values remain rooted in serving our community.

Our top priority is to protect our guests and employees. While already practicing rigorous daily sanitation habits, the team of Seasons is committed to diligently following COVID-19 updates, recommendations, developments, and best practices.

It is true that many elements of our operation will change or be impacted directly by the current events we face. It is with vigor that our team will adapt to protect our community. We look forward to the day when our dining room is full with a warm glow and is filled with the joyous hum of conversation and laughter. Until that day, we will find a way to safely serve you the best of local flavor.